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Falcon Island proves to be a hit with Cityscape visitors

• Crowds flock to Al Hamra Real Estate Development stand to register enquiries
• Brand new ‘homebuilder’ app receives overwhelming response from investors
• Al Hamra to bring in additional staff to cope with demand for luxury properties

Al Hamra Real Estate Development has received a staggering response to its latest project – Falcon Island – among visitors and investors attending Cityscape Global in Dubai, according to General Manager Benoy Kurien. Such was the level of interest in the development that the Ras al Khaimah-based property developer also said that it will need to recruit several new staff to cope with the demand for the luxury homes.

The new ‘homebuilder’ app that was launched at the event to make the Falcon Island customers’ journey easier and more accessible to a global audience, also proved to be a hit among Cityscape visitors, and AHRED revealed that it has received very positive feedback from people looking to take advantage of the exclusivity and sustainability on offer in the integrated community at Al Hamra Village.

Al Hamra Village is the flagship real estate development of Al Hamra Real Estate Development, and is set to play host to one of the most sustainable pieces of real estate anywhere in the Gulf, once Falcon Island is completed. From the finest quality exteriors that will be designed by Europe’s leading sustainable architects, A++, to the exquisite craftsmanship of luxury furniture masters Clubhouse Italia – Luxury Living, Falcon Island will boast some of the most exclusive residences in the GCC region.

Speaking at Cityscape, Mr. Kurien took the opportunity to remind potential investors of the world-leading sustainability credentials that Falcon Island will contain, such as lower-energy consumption facilities that have become synonymous with Al Hamra’s commitment to sustainability. Falcon Island will include the first GCC Radiant cooling technology of its kind in the GCC region, providing an energy-efficient system that will offer residents fresh and healthy temperature control within their homes.

With air conditioning reported to be one of the biggest contributors to global climate change, innovative hybrid cooling systems will utilise solar and conventional energy to provide cooling from a district cooling facility to homes on Falcon Island – also a first for the GCC region. Meanwhile, solar stations and smart technologies will play an important role in powering homes and common facilities, and help homeowners monitor energy consumption.

“From top to bottom, inside and out, the environmental impact of every feature of Falcon Island has been carefully considered. These efforts underscore the strong emphasis that we place on ensuring we grow within the carrying capacities of the local environment, and will ensure that Falcon Island is not only the most luxurious place to live in, but also the safest, healthiest, and cleanest anywhere in the Gulf.”

“This will be important for the families and investors we have spoken to at Cityscape, especially when you consider that globally speaking, LEED certified properties are 30 percent more valuable. They also retain more of that value when compared with conventional homes, meaning that investors can purchase Falcon Island properties at fraction of the cost of traditional homes available in the big cities, while enjoying luxuries and sustainability that are on par with the best homes in the world.”

“Sustainability does not end there either. We have increased the efficiency of street lights by 90 percent – replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives, and introduced cooling, recycling, and conservation initiatives throughout the Village. As one of the most reliable investment opportunities in the Middle East Falcon Island homeowners will find themselves surrounded by sustainability,” Mr. Kurien added.

Residents at Falcon Island will also enjoy access to 1.5 kilometres of pristine beach, as well as a world-class marina, championship golf course, and shopping mall that has attracted some of the world’s most celebrated retail outlets. Meanwhile, the deal with Clubhouse Italia – Luxury Living means Falcon Island residents will be the first in UAE to be able to choose from the Bentley Home furniture range, from among brands including Fendi Casa and Kenzo Maison available in select homes.