Al Hamra Village

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RAK Sailing Academy

The academy opened in December 2012 by Italy’s well known Malingri di Bagnolo family. Overseen by experienced sailors, Captain John Curran, Eduardo Callegari and Matteo Bassan the RAK Sailing Academy LLC is equipped with dinghy, catamaran, and fix keel sailing boats for juniors and seniors. The academy will also receive constant guidance from Enrico and Franco Malingri di Bagnolo and Antonio Fresco.

Sailing programs are divided into two main categories namely dinghy and keel boats. Each category has a different set of progressive courses, which aims to help increase student experience over time. Sailing classes are divided into different ages and skill sets. The Academy will utilise the sailing cruiser boat facility where off-shore courses will be held. At the facility people will be able to rent different types of sailing boats for training courses or relaxation. The Marina is also set up with a day charter facility where by sailing boats will be used for daily excursions and crew for tourists of Al Hamra Village. The school follows ISAF (International Sailing Federation) rules regarding sailing instructors.

For more info on the RAK Sailing Academy call us on 07 243 2274 Or Click here to visit RAK Sailing Academy website