Al Hamra Village

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Al Hamra Marina and Yacht Club

Al Hamra Marina and Yacht Club

The Al Hamra Marina is an extension of the Al Hamra Village, Ras Al Khaimah. The Marina and Yachting Club were designed and installed by Europe’s leading pontoon supplier Poralu Marine and is the last significant fuelling stop for vessels and guests in the Arabian Gulf.

The Al Hamra Marina comprises of 200 wet berths and caters to motor boats, yachts and inflatable’s measuring 10 feet to 100 feet in length. The marina offers secure berths with a modern and sophisticated gate pass entry. All water pontoons provide power supply and fresh water hoses. The marina’s all tide access is operated by yacht masters and offers a shelter of ease for maneuvering at the dock. Facilities include offering chandlery, maintenance, training, charter boats and water sport facilities.

The Al Hamra Marina’s Clubhouse was built to suit the mood and occasions for visitors and water sport enthusiasts. It is the perfect combination of dining facilities and management offices for the Royal Yacht Club.

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