Al Hamra Village

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Community Survey Form

All information provided for this survey is strictly confidential and it will not be shared with a third party. This survey is being carried out to ensure that our residents play a role in Al Hamra Village’s continuous growth. We appreciate your opinions and views.

Section 1 - Personal Details (Optional)






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Section 2 - General Feedback

Do you own or rent your property?

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How long have you been living at your residence?

Do you have children?

If yes, How many children do you have and what are their ages?

Are you:

Section 3 - Community Facilities

Which of the below facilities would you like in Al Hamra Village?

Schools :

Which age groups would you prefer for the school?

Which grades would you prefer?

Where do your children go to school, now?

Day Care / Nursery

Which age groups would you prefer for a Day Care/Nursery?

Operating Times for Day Care/Nursery?

Clinic / Hospital

Sports Facilities

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Others :

Section 4 - Community Activities

Which Community activities are you most likely to participate in?

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Section 5 - Other Comments

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